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heres the ongoing data i’ve collected for my tips conditions experiment

friday 4:30 shift - glasses, NO makeup: about 80 dollars

friday 4:30 shift - glasses, WITH makeup: about 100 dollars

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i set off the smoke alarm in my house by makinG CHEESE TOAST

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A mix that you can find inspiration in, run to, and to start a revolution. 
15 tracks, 56 minuetes

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i was really about to cry at work tbh i had to make 20 trays of butter all by myself which took like an hour and a half and i figured they wouldn’t make me stick around to roll silverware too bc it was already past closing but they DID i was like not only do i have to do ALL THIS WORK FOR FREE BASICALLY but youre keeping me here WAY PAST CLOSING TO DO IT fuckkkkkkkk my job honestlyyyyyy

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driver roll up the partition please

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i HAAAATE this roadhouse like SOOOOO much i swear to fucking god i did two hours worth of work on less than 4 dollars an hour like thats fucking slave labor if i’m cut i should be able to go home end of story im not sticking around for less than minimum wage jesus fucking christ

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